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    Experience an intensified, 4-week journey of branding, content creation, sales and organic/ paid advertising training paired with astrology that will challenge and transform your approach to business. 

    1:1 Includes:

    1. Built for you business with 10% revenue share
    2. Weekly coach meeting
    3. Telecommunications with coaching staff
    4. Additional Content Support 

    Learn to:

    1. Identify your audience
    2. Create valuable content
    3. Sell to the best possible clients
    4. Convert people into a cult-like follower & customer

    By the end of this intensive you will understand:

    1. Your brands strengths
    2. Converting content
    3. Customers fears
    4. Advertising opportunities

    Helping you transform into a better brand, creator, salesperson and business owner.

    Join the MANIFEST WITH ASTROLOGY program and discover a passionate approach to life!