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3 Day Challenge (5 Day VIP)

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This will be an additional 2 days on top of the 3 days, the focus will be on converting and scaling your business.



Trade your time for money? Nah. 

Starting September 29th we will have a live recording teaching you how we...

Create a Digital Product & print money in your sleep!

Imagine waking up to sales that you made IN YOUR SLEEP?! Sales that require nothing else from you after they are made. The best part about digital products is that you create them ONCE, and sell them over and over again.


The Digital Product Bootcamp includes:

  • 5 days of group office hours with me to get your questions answered

  • 5 Phases of recorded trainings & tech tutorials that walk you through EXACTLY what you need to do to make bank in your sleep

  • Digital templates (the ones I use 😉)

  • Business lead community for support and feedback from bootcamp members

  • The opportunity to submit your digital product for review 🤯

  •  trainings from the best of the best (legally starting your business, storytelling sales page templates, using chatbots to sell your products, branding that helps you make more sales, FB & IG ads to sell your digital products, & sales tax for digital products! 🤯


  • Build Your Business

  • TikTok Growth For Sales

  • 6 FIGURE LAUNCH Training


✨The phases (with zero fluff, promise) ✨

LEGALITIES - Setting up the legal sh*t to protect yourself (with guest trainings from an actual content creator lawyer on how to start all this the RIGHT WAY)

SHOW ME THE MONEY - Picking a profitable digital product to sell, including how to do market research to make sure its something people actually want.

CREATING YOUR MASTERPIECE - Learn how to create, price, and build your digital products so that your buyers LOVE it and come back for more!

WHERE TO SELL?! - Choosing a platform to build your community on (and how to start building it while you create your digital product)

FREEBIE TO SALES - Learn how to create your freebie, start your email list, and build a waitlist full of buyers! 💸

SELLING = SERVING - Learning how to sell and market your digital products on social media without feeling slimy. Includes in depth trainings on how to grow AND sell on Instagram and TikTok!

LAUNCH, BABY, LAUNCH - how to prime your audience to sell out your launch (and how to keep selling after the launch every single day)!

TECH VIDEOS - I’ll walk you through how to set up your Stan store as well as your email list, and of course my “one time offer” strategy that I use to get more sales! 😉

Last year, I was desperate to find a way to bring in more income for our family, WITHOUT working allllll the time. So I decided to start selling a $47 digital product using just social media to market it.

In my first month selling that digital product, I made over $15,000. $17,221. to be exact. 🤯

And no, I didn't use any ads. This was all from organic social media.

I was able to hit that $17k month....

  • Without having a website

  • Without spending money on ads

  • Without crazy funnels

And now I'm here to share all my systems and strategies with you!


Will I get lifetime access to all the materials?

Absolutely! You will also get access to any updates I make down the line for FREE

Do I need a big social media audience to sell a digital product?

Nope! You can literally start from zero and I will teach you how to build your community along the way!

What if I have zero clue what to sell?

Don't you worry. We will have an entire training on how to pick a profitable topic for your digital product!

I'm terrible with the tech this gonna be super complicated?

Nope! The platforms I teach you to use are very easy to learn, and you will get a section of tech tutorials for everything you need!

What is the refund policy?

Due to the nature of digital products, refunds will not be given. ♥️

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